Richard Basehart

Richard Basehart

Richard Basehart is one of the millions of male actors in the American entertainment film industry who are well-known for their acting and who continue to have a strong reputation even after passing away. These great legends who create a strong position and a great love for themselves in the minds of millions of people never die.

Richard Bassett using his full given name August 31, 1914, saw the birth of well-known American actor John Richard Basehart. In the science fiction television series Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea, he played Admiral Harriman Nelson, which helped launch his acting career. In addition, he became well-known for playing “the Fool” in the critically acclaimed Italian movie “La strada”.

Many people still adore him and are curious about every aspect of his life. We’re going to go into great length regarding Richard Basehart here per public request. Now let’s get going.

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Personal Life

In Zanesville, Ohio, on August 31, 1914, Richard Basehart was born. Mae (née Wetherald) and Harry T. Basehart are his parents. His early years, his studies, and other details are all gone. People are only aware of him because of his excellent acting and leading roles in dramas and motion pictures.

But the details of his child’s life and marriage are the same. He had three marriages. He wed “Stephanie Klein” for the first time in 1940. Following her demise in 1950, he wed Italian Academy Award-nominated actress “Valentina Cortese” a year later in 1951. However, their union was unstable and unhappy, leading to their 1960 divorce. They also had a son together, “Jackie Basehart,” who was also a well-known actor.

Following his divorce, he wed Diana Lotery for the third time in 1972. Together, they had two children, Jackie Basehart and Gayla Basehart, who are currently active on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. They were a contented married pair up until Richard Basehart’s passing.


On September 17, 1984, Richard Basehart departed this world and humanity after suffering several strokes in Los Angeles. Westwood Village Memorial Park Cemetery is where he is buried. When he passed away, he was ninety years old.

Profile Summary

Real NameJohn Richard Basehart
Famous Name Richard Basehart
BirthdateAugust 31, 1914,
Death DateSeptember 17, 1984
Birth PlaceZanesville, Ohio
Age at the time of death90 years
ChildJackie Basehart, Jackie Basehart and Gayla
WifeStephanie Klein ,Diana Lotery, Valentina Cortese

richard basehart

Acting Career

Richard Basehart made his film debut in 1945 with Repeat Performance. He then starred in Roseanna McCoy in 1949, Tension in 1950, and Decision Before Dawn in 1951, a drama.1956 saw Moby Dick. in the highly acclaimed film Titanic in 1953 as George S. Healey.

the most well-known part as “the Fool” in the Italian film La Strada (1954). It was one of his most well-known roles, and it would not be incorrect to argue that it marked the pivotal moment in his career that led to success. Following this, he gained popularity and appeared in other successful films with diverse characters, winning over the public with his superb acting.

The Brothers Karamazov (1958), Kings of the Sun (1963), and Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea (1964–1968), Irwin Allen’s debut science fiction television series, featured Basehart in the title role of Admiral Harriman Nelson. That was also one of his most well-known roles and a huge smash. He went on to perform a lot of different parts after this. His acting career spanned from 1947 to 1968.

Wins Awards

He contributes to several Italian and British motion pictures and is a huge hit with viewers. wining National Board of Review Awards for his roles in Moby Dick (1956) and Fourteen Hours (1951). He received a BAFTA Award nomination as well.

richard basehart

Wrap Up

Richard Basehart was one of the most well-known Italian and British actors. He is dead, yet in many hearts he lives on. His outstanding and admirable performance has won him a lot of fans and drawn a sizable following.

He was one of the great actor. See our other articles to discover more amazing facts about worldwide famous personalities.

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What was Richard Basehart’s reason for death?

Multiple blows were the cause of his demise.

Who is Richard Basehart?

He was a well-known actor in Italian and British films.

What is the name of the wife of Richard Basehart?

He wed three females: Valentina Cortese, Diana Lotery, and Stephanie Klein.