Duke Dennis Height

Duke Dennis Height

Duke Dennis is a well-known American gaming YouTuber who has gained immense popularity on social media. In addition to going viral on YouTube, he has millions of fans on other social media platforms. They want to know every information about him, including Duke Dennis height, weight, profession, source of fame, biography, and a host of other things.

After posting a video of himself playing a basketball game on YouTube, he became well-known. This contributed to the duke Dennis’s rise to fame. Duke Dennis is one of the well-known gamers whose name frequently appears at the top of the list on YouTube.

Here, we will examine every detail on Duke Dennis in response to popular demand. Let’s get started and continue here.

Duke Dennis Height and Weight


Supporters of Duke Dennis, along with other individuals, are eager to learn about his recent ascent. Simply put, it’s because they enjoy his demeanor, sense of style, and ability to establish a good rapport with his audience through lighthearted conversation. They are curious about every aspect of him.

Duke Dennis is thought to be 187 cm (6 feet 2 inches) tall. For an army soldier, height is crucial, but it doesn’t matter for a gaming YouTuber. Yes, he served in the military for a considerable amount of time prior to being well-known. He left the army in 2017. Additionally, 6 feet 2 inches is a perfectly acceptable height for an army member.

duke dennis height


In addition, he never compromises on style, maintains his physical appearance, and works out every day. People enjoy his personality, so he makes a complete effort to keep it that way for his followers. He weighs close to 80 kg.

Social Media Accounts

Having millions of followers on YouTube, he is a well-known gaming YouTuber. He has three distinct accounts on YouTube, each with a substantial number of subscribers in the millions. He doesn’t simply have one account there.

In addition, he has numerous social media profiles with millions of views, admirers, and likes on a single account. View the followers on his social media sites in brief.

Social AccountsFollowersLinks
Instagram3.9 millionClick here
TikTok5.2 million followers and 43.2 million likesClick here
1st YouTube Chanel1.95 millionClick here
2nd YouTube Chanel2.16 millionClick here
3rd YouTube Chanel1.01 millionClick here
Facebook110 KClick here
Twitch2.1 millionClick here

duke dennis height

Reason of Fame

Duke Dennis has been an avid basketball player since he was a young boy. He joined the army and dedicated all of his time to it, but after he was discharged in 2017, he made the decision to focus more on his online basketball games.

Although he joined YouTube in 2013, he didn’t begin posting videos of himself playing games there until 2017. The primary cause of his fame is his single “NBA 2K17” video. His career took a drastic turn for the better after seeing this video. Following its upload to YouTube, this film has received a lot of views and subscribers on Duke Dennis’ YouTube channel.

Following this, he gained a large following on social media and became an internet sensation. His conversational style also draws viewers to his videos. In addition to sharing his humorous speech and life experience with the audience, he also made a gaming video.

He is 29 years old as of 2024 and has gained international acclaim among young people. He teaches the young people how to pursue their goals and turn their passions into careers. His love of hoops elevated him to the pinnacle of achievement.

Short Bio Duke Dennis

Real NameDuke Dennis
Birth Place Greeville, SC
Birthdate26 February 1994
Age as of 202429 years
Height187 cm, or 6 feet 2 inch
Weight80 kg
ProfessionGaming YouTuber, Social Media Sensation
Net Worth$2 million

duke dennis height

The Bottom Lines

Duke Dennis is one of the many YouTube gamers who are gaining popularity every day. He takes his love and turns it into a job, becoming well-known worldwide.

He gained a significant number of social media followers and went viral as a social media sensation. He’s a big idol among the younger generation. The only thing that deserves recognition for his current level of popularity is his dedication to playing games every day and posting original material on his accounts for his followers.

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What is Duke Dennis height?

He is 187 centimeters, or six feet two inches, tall.

What is the estimated net worth of Duke Dennis?

By 2024, he should have a net worth of $2 million.

What is the Duke Dennis’s true name?

Duke is his nick name, although his real name is Duke Dennis, and he is well-known for it.

How old is Duke Dennis?

He will be 29 years old in 2024.